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Wireless Networking at CASE

Case has completed the process of installing approximately 1500 Cisco Aironet 1200 series wireless access points (APs) across our network, along with the gigabit network upgrades, as part of our Intgrated Technology Partnership with Sprint and Cisco. The installed APs provide ubiquitous wireless network coverage throughout CASE buildings.

The Case APs contain 802.11g radios, which allow wireless users to connect at speeds up to 54Mbps.

Statistics for the installed APs are available. The statistics page can be used to determine the specific areas in which wireless networking is present and help identify problems.

Case Wireless Network Coverage

The map below details the areas covered by the Case wireless network.

[Case Campus wireless coverage]Case campus wireless coverage by building

Case cooperates with OneCommunity in operating a wireless network providing service to much of University Circle using mesh technology. See the coverage map for details.

Help and instructions for using the Case wireless network are available from the Case Help Desk.

News and Announcements

This section contains information about various news and announcements about wireless networking.

We are currently investigating upgrades to the Case wireless network, including changes to the architecture to adopt Cisco's wireless controller technology, a move to 802.11n access points, and greater mobility and location-based service availability.

Policy Regarding Use of Wireless Networking at CASE

Users are not permitted to set up their own wireless access systems on campus. A wireless access system has significant impact on network security and operations. Only wireless access systems installed and operated by ITS Technology Infrastructure Services are permitted. Those who are interested in setting up wireless access points must do so through Technology Infrastructure Services using approved equipment. The coverage provided by the installed APs is intended to be sufficient to eliminate the need for users to set up their own wireless access systems.

Send mail to for more information.

Current Wireless Access Point Locations

Usage statistics and locations for the APs installed as part of the network upgrade are available on the Wireless Access Point status page.

Documents about Wireless Communications at CASE
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Comments and Feedback

We are always interested to hear your comments and feedback regarding the University network and the Network Engineering and Security group. Please send your comments and feedback to:

Chet Ramey, Manager, Network Engineering and Security

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